Employment, Military & Civil Rights Law

Clients and Cases

Here are some examples of clients served.  Of course, each case must be considered individually, and the results in one case cannot be used to predict the results for you.


For an executive in transition, legal counsel in negotiation of severance agreement with former employer, review and negotiation of employment terms with new employer.

For a small business, legal counsel on preparing and maintaining employment policies in compliance with New York City and other applicable law.


Defamation Verdict, upheld on appeal, for a truck driver who could not get another job driving a truck because his former employer was falsely reporting he had refused a drug test.

Favorable settlement after litigation for long term NYS government employee denied multiple promotions, with record of being outspoken on race issues.

Favorable court rulings and favorable settlement for former lay employees in Salvation Army’s government-funded social services program, on religious discrimination and retaliation claims.

EEOC Determination and favorable settlement for teacher subjected to ethnic slur and retaliation.

EEOC Determination and Attorney General Determination for pregnant airline cargo worker denied light duty accommodation.

NYS Division of Human Rights Determination and favorable settlement for female low wage worker terminated for complaining about physical assault by male co-worker.


Favorable settlement after litigation for individual injured by police during false arrest and denied medical treatment.

Favorable settlement after litigation for individuals challenging NYC licensing examination on fairness/due process grounds.


Honorable discharges for Navy Lieutenant/Annapolis Naval Academy graduate, and Army Captain/West Point graduate, as conscientious objectors, after filing federal court habeas corpus proceedings.

Favorable settlement for female civilian supervisor at military base, terminated after complaining about sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

Favorable settlement after administrative litigation for civilian employee at military base, retaliated against after complaining about race discrimination.