Employment, Military & Civil Rights Law

Practice Areas

The Law Office of Deborah H. Karpatkin serves clients with legal problems in employment law, military law, and civil rights law.


The Firm works in all areas of employment law, in both litigation and transactional matters.

Employment Rights Litigation

The Firm will evaluate and investigate your discrimination claims, and, where appropriate, vigorously prosecute your claim in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the New York State Human Rights Division (NYS DHR) or the New York City Human Rights Commission (NYC CHR).

The Firm is experienced and selective in bringing employment cases to federal or state court, or to mediation or arbitration, and prosecutes cases vigorously through discovery, motion practice, trial, and appeal.

Discrimination Claims

The Firm is experienced in litigating all forms of discrimination claims, arising under Title VII, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and color, national origin, sex and religion, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the New York City and State Human Rights Laws, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other workplace rights laws. Federal, state, and local laws prohibit an employer from discriminating against you because of your status:  age, disability, gender/sex/sexual harassment, race/national origin, pregnancy/parenting/family status, religion, LGBTQ status, and retaliation/reprisal.

The Firm represents clients with issues of hiring, promotion, compensation, termination, hostile work environment, harassment, denial of leave for pregnancy, parenting, disability, or caregiving; denial of reasonable accommodation, status-based stereotyping, and retaliation and reprisal.

Other Employment Claims

The Firm evaluates, negotiates, and, where appropriate, litigates other employment claims, including breach of contract, compensation, defamation, and workplace safety. The Firm represents clients with matters arising from written employment agreements and contracts, including restrictive covenants on competition and solicitation. The Firm represents clients with wage and hour issues, including overtime and misclassification issues (exempt or nonexempt, independent contractor or employee).

Your Workplace Documents

Offer Letters and Employment Contracts: The Firm reviews and negotiates offer letters and employment contracts for negotiation of optimal terms and legal compliance, tailored to the client’s particular business objectives and needs.

Severance Agreements:  The Firm reviews, evaluates, and negotiates severances agreements, advising clients on potential legal claims; evaluating clients’ legal and strategic options; and working with clients to achieve desired outcomes.

Restrictive Covenants:  The Firm advises on, evaluates and negotiates agreements restricting competition and solicitation, and, where necessary, litigates these restrictions.

Workplace Policies and Practices:  the Firm advises small businesses on best practices to achieve compliance with all legal and regulatory standards, to support the success and excellence of your small business.


The Firm represents military personnel in a range of matters relating to military service, in all jurisdictions.

Conscientious Objectors:  The Firm represents applicants for conscientious objector status in all aspects of the application process, including applications, hearings, rebuttals, appeals, and petitions for habeas corpus relief.

Military Discharges: The Firm offers counsel and representation to service members seeking discharge on a variety of grounds, and representation in discharge upgrade applications.

Civilian Military Employees:  The Firm offers counsel and representation to civilian employees of the military and military contractors. Please note that the time period for filing such claims may be very short.


The Firm represents individuals with a range of civil rights claims, including police misconduct and discrimination in public accommodation, housing and education.